Common questions about becoming a Regional Developer with the iconic cleaning franchise

What is a JAN-PRO Regional Developer franchise?

JAN-PRO Regional Developers are local franchisors that make an outsized impact in their communities. They recruit entrepreneurs to start their own cleaning businesses by becoming Certified Franchisees under the JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting brand. Regional Developers support their Certified Franchisees with education, client acquisition services, backend support, and more. Regional Developers serve as a coach, mentor and trusted advisor to help their certified franchisees meet their goals and grow their businesses. This is a business that offers tremendous profit potential as well as the ability to make a difference.

Do JAN-PRO Regional Developers Own Cleaning Businesses?

No. JAN-PRO Regional Developers are not in the business of cleaning. Rather, Regional Developers own executive-level businesses that help entrepreneurs in their communities own cleaning businesses. As a Regional Developer, your primary role is to recruit entrepreneurs to become certified franchisees, and then provide the education and ongoing support that will help them grow their businesses. Your employees will focus on supporting and growing the certified franchisees, client acquisition services and certified franchisee recruitment.

Who makes a top-performing JAN-PRO Regional Developer franchise?

JAN-PRO Regional Developers come from all walks of life and have diverse backgrounds and skill-sets. Many have had prior successful careers in sales, marketing, accounting, finance, IT or other business service concepts. Most have college degrees but some even started in the JAN-PRO system as an employee of an existing Regional Franchise Director and worked to own their own RFD business. What unites them is their desire to take control of their future, get into business, drive results and an overall commitment to helping entrepreneurs succeed in business. If you share our passion for sales, support, education and helping entrepreneurs succeed, we can teach you how to thrive as a Regional Developer.

How much does it cost to become a JAN-PRO Regional Developer?

The total costs to become a JAN-PRO Regional Developer ranges from $127,500 – $769,000, and this includes everything you need to get started: office space, working capital, and franchise licensing fees.  The range of fees really depends on desired staffing levels and working capital comfort.

How many employees will I have or need?

Initially many JAN-PRO Regional Developers start with 3-5 employees. These employees are focused on inside sales, lead generation and outside sales presentations to customers and certified franchisee candidates. In addition, you will also likely have an operations coaching focused employee and perhaps an administrative support employee to help run an efficient back office. As you grow so will your needs. Most growth is focused on sales and coaching but luckily the proven JAN-PRO Franchise Development model allows you to work with your dedicated support team to know when incremental employees are needed.

What do I get for my franchise licensing fee?

Your franchise licensing fee gives you access to JAN-PRO Franchise Development’s proven business model, comprehensive support platform, as well as ongoing coaching from a team of executives who know how to run and grow JAN-PRO Regional Developer businesses.

I’ve never owned a business before, how do you support me?

JAN-PRO Regional Developers are supported in every aspect of their business. We teach you how to recruit entrepreneurs to become Certified Franchisees, how to provide education, how to be an effective mentor and coach, and how to win clients so that your certified franchisees have contracts and revenue. We provide you with comprehensive marketing support, as well as professional development support, and more to ensure that your business has all of the resources it needs to grow.

How do I recruit Certified Franchisees?

Becoming a Certified Franchisee with JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting is one of the most affordable ways to get into business ownership, with startup costs beginning at $950. This affordability, terrific profit potential, alongside the exceptional support that our Regional Developers provide, makes recruiting certified franchisees straightforward. We help Regional Developers implement marketing strategies to recruit entrepreneurs, as well as help them master the sales process. Many established Regional Developers recruit a significant number of their certified franchisees through referrals, which is strong validation that the business model works.

Ready to become a JAN-PRO Regional Developer?

To learn more about the JAN-PRO Regional Developer opportunity, simply fill out an inquiry form on this website to start a conversation. We look forward to starting the conversation with you!

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