How Will You Support Me?

JAN-PRO Systems International provides comprehensive support to help Regional Developers grow their businesses

Becoming a JAN-PRO Regional Developer with JAN-PRO Systems International means that you’ll never be alone in business.

JAN-PRO Systems International has a long track record of helping entrepreneurs succeed in business, and this means that we know exactly what it takes to help our Regional Developers grow businesses that are profitable over the long term.

How do we do it? We provide world-class education and ongoing support that covers every aspect of this business model that has over 30 years of experience and expertise.

“We provide one of the most robust education and ongoing support platforms in the entire industry,” says Gary Bauer, Brand President of JAN-PRO Systems International. “This is a very franchisee-centric culture, and all of us are working together, day-in and day-out, to ensure that everyone in our organization is successful.”

We provide comprehensive marketing support to help you recruit Certified Franchisees and win commercial cleaning business

One of the biggest advantages in becoming a Regional Developer with JAN-PRO is the fact that we provide cutting edge marketing support to help you recruit new Certified Franchisees and win commercial cleaning clients.

“We help our Regional Developers set the marketing strategies for their businesses,” says Karen Forrest, Vice President of Marketing,  JAN-PRO Systems International. “There are two different audiences that we help the Regional Developer go after: the unit-level commercial cleaning certified franchisees, and the commercial cleaning client who needs their services – and we provide strategies for both. We train every Regional Developer on marketing solutions, and we host monthly marketing connect sessions to help them market effectively and stay on the cutting edge.”

Field Support

Every JAN-PRO Regional Developer is assigned a field support consultant who exists to help you grow your business. Your field support consultant is always available to answer questions, helps you set goals, monitor those goals, troubleshoots problems, and ensures that you have all the resources you need to thrive.

“We provide support for everything from how to get started, how to award franchises, how to attract franchisees, how to master the sales process, how to provide education, and much, much more,” Charlie Kerr, Senior Vice President of Operations at JAN-PRO Systems International. “The support that we provide is soup-to-nuts, and we provide support for everything they need to know to manage an executive business.”

The LYNX advantage

JAN-PRO is owned by LYNX Franchising, one of the leading franchisors in the nation, with several national brands and hundreds of locations open across the U.S. LYNX Franchising is passionate about entrepreneurship and is committed to an open culture of collaboration that puts the success of our Regional Developers first.

“We wake up every day to support our brands,” says Russ Reynolds, CEO of LYNX Franchising. “We show up every day to support Gary Bauer, Brand President of JAN-PRO Systems International, and help deliver growth and sustained success. We’re passionate about the integrity of relationships and quality of service – that’s the IQ behind our brands. We’re passionate about improving business economics, supporting our Regional Developers, and helping them grow their businesses.”

Ready to become a JAN-PRO Regional Developer with JAN-PRO Systems International?

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