How Much Can I Make?

JAN-PRO Regional Developers benefit from unlimited profit-potential

If you’re looking for a business opportunity that is designed for long-term growth and makes an outsized impact, investing in a JAN-PRO Regional Developer franchise is a wise choice.

JAN-PRO Systems International has a long track record of helping our Regional Developers thrive in business. In fact, the average tenure of our Regional Developers is over 10 years, and there are many who have been in business for far longer.

The reason for their longevity is simple: a JAN-PRO Franchise Development business offers unlimited profit-potential, is endlessly scalable, and our Regional Developers get to make a real difference in their communities.

“Becoming a Regional Developer is a proven opportunity to build a business that is profitable, scalable, and provides the ability to create equity over time,” says Gary Bauer, Brand President of JAN-PRO Systems International. “But the biggest reason why becoming a Regional Developer is so attractive to entrepreneurs who want to own an executive level business is the ability to impact people. It’s rare that a franchise opportunity offers so much potential to improve people’s lives.”

Multiple revenue streams that are lucrative over the long-term

One of the reasons why JAN-PRO Regional Developers have such a long tenure in business is because they benefit from several different revenue streams that are recurring and long-lasting, which allows them to focus on growing their business.

The first revenue stream is sales of new franchises to entrepreneurs. Franchises are sold at the entry level of $950, which service one or two clients, and range all the way up to $50,000 for a full-scale cleaning business, which services dozens. Regional Developers coach their Certified Franchisees through the process of growing their business, and encourage them to reinvest when they’re ready to purchase more accounts. Regional Developers provide the support model to allow certified franchisees to grow and scale.

JAN-PRO Regional Developers wall of employees

Certified Franchisees also pay an ongoing royalty rate for the education, support, and coaching that Regional Developers provide. This royalty continues for the lifespan of their certified franchisees’ business. Regional Developers also provide backend support for an additional rate, and this includes services like billing and collections, and sales and marketing to help certified franchisees focus on providing exceptional service for their clients.

Regional Developers also find new customer accounts for their Certified Franchisees and collect commissions for this service. This is why the Regional Developer is a bridge between the Certified Franchisee and the customer. The franchisee focuses on their customer relationship and customer service while the Regional Developer takes care of all the back-office activities that can overwhelm other small business owners. The longer a Certified Franchisee services a client, the more lucrative this relationship becomes.

This is a great lifestyle business

Another reason why JAN-PRO Regional Developers are in business for so long is because they genuinely enjoy it. This is a business that allows people the flexibility to have a life outside of work, to spend time with family, and to have a lifestyle that is flexible, fun and focused on giving back. Being an executive business model means you are focused on business support services during normal business hours, during normal business days and not focused on who is opening and closing, do I have enough inventory on hand, and did everyone show up that was scheduled?

“This business has provided an incredible life for my family,” says Robert Posch, Regional Developer of Southern Colorado. “We get to spend time with each other, we get to take vacations, we get to enjoy holidays – and most importantly, we get to work together in a business that helps other people improve their lives. When I retire, my kids will take over this business and continue to grow it – and as a parent, that makes me extremely proud.”

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