What’s Special About the JAN-PRO Regional Developer Culture?

With protected territory and a shared desire to be of service, JAN-PRO Regional Developers work together

Investing in a franchise opportunity ought to mean that you’re joining a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who are passionate about your success and the success of the brand – but far too many franchise systems are set up so that their franchise owners compete with each other.

This is not the case with JAN-PRO Franchise Development.

Instead, the JAN-PRO Franchise Development business model fosters collaboration, communication and sharing best practices between Regional Developers because we offer large, protected territories. Our Regional Developers don’t compete with each other for business or market share, and therefore, they get to be assets to each other.

“One of the most important aspects of JAN-PRO Franchise Development is our culture of camaraderie,” Robert Posch, Regional Developer of Southern Colorado. “We have exceptional corporate support, but what really sets us apart is how collaborative our Regional Developers are with each other. Whenever we have a question or an issue, we can ask other Regional Developers who are experts in their fields. This makes launching your business much easier because you’re truly not alone in your business when you can draw from the entire Regional Developer network when you need it. We are always here for each other – and that is rare in this franchise industry.”

JAN-PRO Regional Developers are united by common values

If you ask one of our Regional Developers about why they decided to invest in this business, all of them would tell you that they really wanted to buy an executive business model that would maximize their sales, administrative, marketing and back-office skill sets to take ownership of their future and set up a legacy for themselves and their family. It quickly turns into the realization and recognition that they’re helping people improve their lives, solidifying the decision they’ve made to invest in themselves and others

JAN-PRO Regional Developers are pillars of their communities because they provide an affordable path to business ownership for entrepreneurs, who in turn, create opportunities for their employees and brighter futures for their families.

This is a business where making an impact and making money go hand-in-hand, and all of our top-performing Regional Developers understand the importance of being a servant leader.

“I know every single one of my 108 Certified Franchisees,” Jay Waldron, Regional Developer Augusta and Athens, Georgia.. “If I see them in the grocery store, I know their names, and I know their children’s names. This goes a long way to establishing trust because they know that I care about their success. In fact, their success is directly tied to my success. Almost half of my certified franchisees come from referrals, which is incredibly validating. That means that our existing certified franchisees believe that we’re holding up our end of the bargain. We go above and beyond to ensure that they’re successful – and we couldn’t be prouder to help them realize their dreams.”

Ready to become a JAN-PRO Regional Developer?

If you’re passionate about entrepreneurship and want to own a business that improves people’s lives, becoming a JAN-PRO Regional Developer is a wise choice. To learn more about the JAN-PRO Regional Developer opportunity, simply fill out an inquiry form on this website to start a conversation. We look forward to starting the conversation with you!

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