JAN-PRO Regional Developer Review: Meet Jay Waldron

Top-performer opens up about what makes JAN-PRO Franchise Development™ Regional Developer an incredible opportunity

As a long-time JAN-PRO Franchise Development owner, Jay Waldron is as passionate as ever about his business – and he has every reason to be. After 13 years in business, he’s one of the top performing Regional Developers in the JAN-PRO Franchise Development network.

As the owner of JAN-PRO Franchise Development in Northeast Georgia, Waldron doesn’t own a cleaning business, instead his office focus on franchise development – recruiting entrepreneurs to own JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfectant businesses. He provides the certification and the sales and marketing support that allow the certified franchise owners to thrive.

“We run a corporate office,” Waldron says. “My business is to manage sales people, accounting professionals, and field support to provide sales and marketing support on behalf of JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting certified franchisees. This isn’t a cleaning business – I tell people that we’re a franchisor that sells franchises to entrepreneurs in our community. We have more than 100 franchise owners, and they own cleaning businesses. Our job is to recruit more franchise owners, support them, and make sure that they’re successful. It’s a wonderful business model.”

Rising from humble beginnings, Waldron is a big believer in the American dream. Waldron started a cleaning business with his wife in 1991, and he grew it to the point where he was considering retiring early. Instead, fate intervened, and Waldron came upon the JAN-PRO Regional Developer business model and fell in love with it.

“When I tell people that I have a 9th grade education, they don’t believe me,” he says. “Because of this business, I have a life that’s better than anything I ever thought possible. I’ve put all of my children through college, and we’re able to live in absolute comfort. I come to work everyday with a smile on my face.”

JAN PRO Franchise Development Jay Waldron

The reason why Waldron has over 100 franchisees in his network is because entrepreneurs can get started in business for less than $4,000 and scale it beyond their wildest dreams. In his more than a decade in business, Waldron has dozens of success stories – and he beams with pride when he speaks about them.

“We help people succeed in business that would never have owned a business before,” he says. “ Some people need a nudge or a push to get into business ownership and we’ve got all the support to do that. We help them every step of the way. They don’t need a lot of money or a college education to do well, and once the word gets out about what is possible, referrals become a key way of selling more franchises.”

While Waldron isn’t planning on retiring anytime soon, his exit strategy is to one day pass this business onto his children. He knows that this is a business opportunity that is sustainable over the long-term, and because of that, he joins a large number of JAN-PRO Regional Developers who are creating a legacy for their offspring.

“I’ve already achieved all of my goals with this business – it’s surpassed all of my hopes for it,” he says. “We’ve accomplished everything and more than I’ve ever dreamed of with JAN-PRO. My goal is to make sure it’s here for my children and their children.”

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