JAN-PRO Regional Developer Review: Meet Bryan & Megan Lubaway

Married couple open up about how they found success as JAN-PRO Regional Developers

Bryan and Megan Lubaway celebrated the ribbon cutting for their JAN-PRO Franchise Development Knoxville office in Chattanooga, Tennessee in the summer of 2021. The opening of their second location was far more than a celebratory day, it signified yet another area where the couple could impact peoples’ lives through growing their business as a regional developer.

JAN-PRO regional developer

The Lubaways are the Regional Franchise Developers for JAN-PRO’s eastern Tennessee region. As the couple was looking for business opportunities to invest in, they were drawn to the JAN-PRO Regional Developer business not only for its uncapped growth potential, but also the fulfillment so many franchise owners feel after becoming part of their communities.

As JAN-PRO Regional Developers, the Lubaways sell individual JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting unit franchises in their exclusive territories, creating life-changing opportunities for their community in the process. At the same time, they benefit from multiple revenue streams, long-term client relationships, uncapped growth potential, and the ability to create a great life for their family.

In this interview, the Lubaways talk about why JAN-PRO Franchise Development was the right opportunity for their family.

Q: How did you first find out about the JAN-PRO Regional Developer opportunity and why did you choose to pursue it?
Megan: We started looking at different business opportunities. When Bryan brought up JAN-PRO, and I thought it sounded like a business that would be resistant to things like recessions or the impacts of the pandemic. It really sounded like a business model that can stand the test of time. More than anything our love for helping people was important to us. At first, it didn’t sound like an attractive business to invest in. As I learned more about the opportunity, the JAN-PRO Franchise Development business model and how it can positively impact lives every day in business and community, it became clear that this is the right investment for us!

Q: From a business perspective, why did the JAN-PRO Regional Developer opportunity stand out for you?
Bryan: The strength of the brand is one that lends itself to investing the time and money into. Everyone wants to be involved with JAN-PRO Franchise Development, because of the proven Franchise model. And it’s very easy to turn that growth into long-term equity.

Q: How has business performance been since opening your first location?
Bryan: We love the opportunity we have. Having JAN-PRO of East Tennessee as an exclusive territory we currently have two offices – Chattanooga and Knoxville – and business performance has been good. It’s been an incredible opportunity to positively impact the lives of our family, colleagues, and community. For us, owning a scalable business is important to continue to drive business growth and expansions. We know as we grow, it’s not just our annual revenue that grows – that equitable piece is always going to be there.

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