What is the Best Executive Level Business to Own?

Leverage your significant leadership experience in a JAN-PRO Franchise Development™ business

Looking for the best executive level business to own? Becoming a JAN-PRO Franchise Development Regional Developer is the dynamic financial opportunity you’ve been looking for.

While the majority of executive level franchise opportunities are trying to recruit entrepreneurs, the top-performing JAN-PRO Franchise Development Regional Developers are strong business people. We’re looking for professionals who may come from a range of backgrounds including business leaders or executives, attorneys, scientists, strong middle managers, retail leaders, health professionals, self-employed business owners, engineers, sales professionals, training directors, educators, and other executive careers. These former corporate executives have already been successful in their careers, and we help them to leverage those skills into building their own business.

If you have these qualities, then you’re well suited to own a JAN-PRO Franchise Development business.

“We’re looking for well-rounded executive level professionals who are capable of making high-level decisions and managing teams of people,” says Joseph Sloyan, Vice President of Franchise Development. “We’re an executive level model, and we have a wide range of professionals in our network. We have lawyers, educators, former c-suite executives, administrators and others – and they find that our business model is a great fit for their skill-sets, and we have a long track record of helping the right people thrive in this business.”

Jan-Pro master cleaning franchise

While JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting™ , a master cleaning franchise, is known around the world as a leader in cleaning & disinfectant services, JAN-PRO Franchise Development franchisees do not own cleaning businesses. Instead, JAN-PRO Regional Developers (also referred to as a master franchise or distributor), are focused on building out a large, exclusive territory by selling JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting franchises and then helping their franchisees grow their businesses.

JAN-PRO Regional Developers benefit from multiple, recurring revenue streams, including the sale of new franchise licenses, ongoing royalty fees from their existing franchise network, the sale of equipment, and acquisition of new business clients for their franchise owners to provide cleaning & disinfecting services t.

“There’s no ceiling on how big you can grow this business,” says Gary Bauer, Brand President of JAN-PRO Systems International. “We have Regional Developers that have hundreds of certified franchisees that service hundreds of their clients. We’ve been doing this for a long-time, and many of our Regional Developers have been with us for decades. We know exactly what it takes to help our Regional Developers grow their businesses and build a bright future of their own making.”

And most importantly, our Regional Developers, though they have all the freedom that comes with running their own business, are not at it alone. JAN-PRO Franchise Development is backed by a team with an unparalleled support network, providing world-class education and ongoing support covering every aspect of the business model. We also provide cutting edge marketing support to help you recruit new franchisees and win over commercial clients for your franchisees.

“We help our Regional Developers set the marketing strategies for their businesses,” says Karen Forrest, Vice President of Marketing, JAN-PRO Systems International. “There are two different audiences that we help the Regional Developer go after: the unit-level commercial cleaning certified franchisees, and the commercial cleaning client who needs their services – and we provide strategies for both. We train every Regional Developer on marketing solutions, and we host monthly marketing connect sessions to help them market effectively and stay on the cutting edge.”

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